The technology of the
Ambiosis house
Learn more about the underlying principles of our construction work!
SIP panels are the main component of the houses we build.
It stands for: Structural Insulated Panels. As their name
suggests, they are load-bearing panels made of insulating material,
which are prefabricated and easy to assemble.

SIP panels: How do they work?

The panels form a “sandwich” consisting of 3 layers: 2 OSB boards and an insulating core made either of expanded polystyrene or polyurethane foam. The core is injected under pressure between the two boards, gluing the elements together and splitting the boards apart, so that the load on the walls is evenly distributed.
The resulting overall structure is stable and safe.

In addition to the panels, the assembly kit also includes
the connecting elements – prefabricated wooden panels.
sip panel 1
Due to the properties of SIP panels,
Ambiosis houses feature the most
lightweight structure, which is beneficial
in earthquake-prone areas, while also
being very sustainable.

Ambiosis – more than just “a wooden house”

Although this building system is included in the category of wood constructions,
due to the structure of the panels, houses of this type are vastly superior to conventional
wood constructions.

The connection between Ambiosis and nature

From an environmental standpoint, such houses are undoubtedly the most eco-friendly. OSB boards have some advantages over traditional wooden boards: their low emissions and producibility from recycled wood or wood that would otherwise be wasted (irregularly-shaped or burled trees, lower-quality timber, etc.) It is also worth mentioning that, due to components being prefabricated, waste materials are no longer a concern, especially on the construction site.

Discover the advantages of an
AMBIOSIS construction

SIP panels are used on all sides of a construction – which reduces the time needed to prepare the materials as well as to assemble them.

Design flexibility – A happy client, a happy architect

Low construction costs. Because there are so many other things that require our resources

Strong, energy-efficient walls.

Excellent sound insulation. Peace and quiet whenever you need it.